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MCube Press Releases.

17 June 2013
VMC Technologies Unveils MCube Cloud Telephony Solutions

Bangalore, India, June 17, 2013 –VMC Technologies, an emerging provider of technology enabled solutions for the service intensive business, recently announced the availability of MCube, a full featured cloud telephony solution. MCube ( enables organizations to greet, route and track all incoming business calls 24x7, 365 days a year to exercise complete control over their customer interactions.

MCube – A Panacea For Limitations Associated With Traditional PBX Systems In a traditional PBX system a receptionist greets all incoming calls and manually connects callers to designated phone extensions within the office premise, all over wired telephone connections, and rarely keeps track of call data for future reference. With no provision for automatically logging or recording call conversations, traditionally PBX systems offer limited data mining capabilities to businesses and are only as efficient as the person manning it

Requiring no onsite hardware or software deployment, MCube can be deployed by customers on-demand as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide automated helpline, campaign ROI measurement and lead management solution to sales, service, support, online, social and government organizations.

MCube cloud telephony solution consists of MCube IVRS – An intelligent, automated greeting system that receives incoming calls tirelessly 24x7, MCube X - an automated interactive communication system that connects callers to the right person or leave a voice mail and MCube Track – that records and reports call data and conversations efficiently for future reference. With MCube deployed, business owners need not worry about missing any important business calls.

MCube – For Automated Helpline, Campaign ROI And Lead Management

  • Automated helpline - MCube Cloud Telephony solutions is designed to offer seamless helpline service. Incoming callers are greeted 24x7 and all calls are routed quickly to designated phones. In addition, all calls are routinely recorded for future reference. For instance, a MCube enabled helpline number for distressed women, could help connect a distressed caller quickly to available volunteers irrespective of their location, record the conversation for future reference and help avert an unfortunate incident. The system also provides for connecting additional volunteers without additional cost or inconvenience.
  • Campaign ROI & Lead Management– MCube Cloud Telephony solution is designed to capture every single prospect who responds to a number displayed in advertisement, billboard, SMS or Online campaign. For instance, a MCube enabled campaign number, could help greet every caller 24x7 and route the call to a pool of available executives irrespective of their location, record the conversation for future business reference and help convert a potential business inquiry efficiently. MCube also helps keep a track of the number of leads received per campaign number, compute cost per lead, calculate media spend ROI, and better manage its customer relationships.

"Positive call experience can make a huge difference in engaging, converting and retaining a customer, " said Sundeep Misra, Co-Founder and CEO, VMC Technologies, "MCube cloud telephony solution is designed to offer enterprise grade telephony solution to small and medium enterprises and help expand their business opportunity and customer service initiatives exponentially," he added.

MCube has already been deployed with several hundred businesses across India. To download MCube customer case studies Click Here

MCube – On Demand with a 4 Step Process
Deploying an MCube Cloud Telephony solution is very simple and can be up and running in a couple of hours. Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1 – Customer chooses a primary 10 digit number for his business from a pool of available numbers or apply for a unique number of choice
  • STEP 2 – Defines target numbers within his internal or extended organization to receive calls from MCube
  • STEP 3 – Customizes IVRS greeting, call routing protocol and login permissions for MCube system
  • STEP 4 – GO LIVE and advertise the number and start receiving, routing and tracking business calls!

About VMC Technologies
VMC Technologies is an emerging technology solution provider for service intensive businesses, provides MCube a full featured Cloud Telephony solution that is available to customer on demand as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With over 1000 customer installations, VMC MCube cloud telephony solution is widely deployed for helpline, campaign ROI and lead management applications by sales, support, online, social and public organizations. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company employs over 50 direct sales and software development professionals and has offices in Noida and presence in Lucknow, Mumabi, Chennai and Pune. For more information visit

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