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Meet the makers of MCube
A large focus on Small & Medium Businesses.

VMC Technologies, the maker of MCube, helps keep your business open to customers, opportunities, and feedback. Headquartered in Bangalore, with a nationwide presence, and offices in Noida, Chennai, Mumbai, and Lucknow, VMC is engaged in creating cloud-based communication solutions for service-intensive businesses.
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Sundeep Misra,
Co-founder and Technology Advisor

Sundeep Misra joined VMC Technologies in 2011 and launched MCube cloud phone systems towards end of 2011. The MCube solution was developed based on the need Sundeep and his team saw among businesses in India to manage and get better control over mobile based communication and connecting all telephone systems within organization to one number, yet allowing mobility and flexibility to employees using this service. Today, the company empowers hundreds of businesses and their employees to work with a wide variety of mobile and fixed line devices allowing them to have full flexibility and mobility. In addition these businesses are learning to improve ROI and profitability of their business by using MCube. At VMC Sundeep drives product and marketing strategy. His goal is to bring enterprise class technology solutions within reach of small and medium enterprises and help expand their business opportunity exponentially. Sundeep has more than 22 years of industry, technical and management experience. Prior to VMC, he worked for Goldman Sachs as Vice President where he led several technology initiatives and managed global teams.
Rajarshi Mukherjee,
Head - Business Operations

As VMCs Head Business Operations, Raj is responsible for growing the MCube sales channels and developing new markets. He has 16 plus years of experience in sales and revenue generation. Prior to joining VMC, Raj worked as sales head at iCMG Pvt. Ltd. and before that held sales positions at other IT related organizations. At iCMG he successfully drove sales to help the company grow revenue.
Ajay Jagtap,
Head - Direct Sales

Responsible for direct sales activities, Ajay works with his team members to develop new markets and customer sub-segments across India. He has extensive hands on experience in sales & business development and revenue generation. Prior to joining VMC, Ajay worked in sales leadership positions at Piramal Group and Eastern Engineering. He is an MBA degree from Christ College, Bangalore.
Tapan Chatterjee,
Technology Manager

Tapan is a technologist at heart and does not want to do anything but technology. He is learning every day and improving the systems he and his team builds every day. Every day Tapan can be found answering client calls and coming up with ways to improve the systems.
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