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Intuitive Administration

Robust Call Distribution

Customizable Reporting

Not only does MCube give you hundreds of features within the MCube cloud telephony solution, it also delivers several call integrated apps that interact directly with incoming calls, web enquiries, email enquiries, web applications and more! As an added benefit, they are all monthly subscription based with no additional licensing costs or indirect costs.

MCube Lead

It is said that over 90% of leads received by an organization are never acted upon correctly. In many cases leads are routed to the wrong person, never get re-routed to the correct person or at least certainly not in a timely fashion. MCube Lead App is integrated with MCube cloud telephony solution to give you the ability to convert incoming calls and track the lead all the way to closure.

MCube Support

More than 75% customers still prefer voice based support and if the call is not attended timely it is likely to upset customer. MCube support integrated with MCube telephony gives you the ability to generate automatic support tickets, track fulfilment on each ticket and provide better service to your customers.

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