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Intuitive Administration

Customizable Reporting

Telephony Integrated Apps

MCube cloud telephony solution gives your company the flexibility to manage how the incoming calls are to be received including:

  • When you want to be called?
  • How you want to manage unattended calls?
  • How you want to manage out of office hours?
  • How you want the calls to be routed based on groups, regions?

Use Any Device

MCube telephony features allow the use any device to receive calls including

  • Wired phones – at office or at home
  • Mobile or Smart phones – connected to any telecom operator This way you can stay connected at all times with your customers, vendors and employees, irrespective of your location.

Connect Your Offices

You need no longer worry about how will business number help connect multiple offices in different regions. MCube Cloud telephony allows you to treat your multiple offices as one, regardless of geography, and all incoming calls to your MCube business number are routed seamlessly to executives irrespective of their location.

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