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Intuitive Administration

Robust Call Distribution

Telephony Integrated Apps

MCube cloud telephony solution offers powerful reporting tools that provide you with real time information you need to ensure your company is running efficiently, including:

  • How many calls were received, who handled them and what transpired during the call?
  • Are your marketing and advertising campaigns generating enough inquiries and how are these calls being managed?
  • How many customers called for support and how were they handled?

Advanced Analytics

MCube offers advance analytics that give you, your executives and managers the information they need to make informed decisions and to achieve goals set. MCube additionally offers real time information and analytics necessary to measure business performance including:

  • Calls attended, Calls missed
  • Who picked and who missed
  • How many times was the call re-routed before it was picked up
  • Customized, multi-level query tool to retrieve any specific information you may need

Get Data in Real Time

You need business data now, as soon as it is available. You cannot afford to wait till the next day to see if your business is functioning effectively. You need ability to change your call management on the fly. MCube telephony, lead, support reporting tools provide real time statistics in the MCube reporting panel. See how each group and each member of that group is performing, as well as see how many calls are attended, not attended or hear conversations.

Automatic Delivery

Administrators, business managers and executives are busy people. Generating reports takes them away from what is their core function. MCube’s powerful reporting tools allow you or your employees to customize reports as per their requirement and then view them online or via email.

Dig Deeper Into Calls

MCube provides call logs; give you more useful data than just who called and when. Our advanced call logs walk you every step of the call including how many times a call was routed between multiple people before being picked up. You can even listen to voice recordings of every call received.

MCube Mobile App

MCube Mobile App gives your mobile workers the ability to stay connected with the office at all times. Available FREE and for iPhone, Android platforms, MCube Mobile App allows enables users to add caller details, classify call as a potential lead and to view call reports on the go.

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