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Automated Lead Management Solution

Solution Need and Benefits

It is said that over 90% of leads received by an organization are never acted upon correctly. In many cases leads are routed to the wrong person, never get re routed to the correct person or at least certainly not in a timely fashion. With so many options to choose from prospects are touchy about their first interaction with a brand and will most likely never come back should this negative.

So whether you are fledgling startup or a rapidly growing business, you need a MCube cloud telephony based Lead Management Solution to ensure not even a single sales inquiry received or generated is wasted.

CRM tools can certainly help capture information about each and every interaction that your prospects and customers but implementing and then realizing full benefits out such tools is usually a long drawn and expensive affair that most agile and nimble footed businesses are loathe to trying.

With MCube cloud telephony based Lead Management Solution, you can easily
  • Preload your database with the right prospects and fill in their key attributes
  • Track the lead source to determine what marketing activity worked and what didn’t
  • Distribute your leads quickly to those best qualified to convert them into business, irrespective of whether they are your employees or your channel partners
  • Nurture your leads over a longer period efficiently especially if you are selling a product or service that is unlikely to be bought based on the first interaction with your sales team
  • Excite your sales staff by providing them detailed qualification of each lead
  • Tag each lead with bits of interesting information that will help your sales team close the deal faster
  • Determine the return on investment on marketing campaigns and focus only on the campaigns and prospects that will increase your sales pipeline.

Why your business could use a MCube LEAD?

  • Increased Productivity - You will not lose or waste a single incoming lead.
  • Extended Hours of Service - You can remain open for business 24x7, recording and routing all incoming customer queries.
  • Enhanced Customized Service - All your incoming inquiries will get captured into the system first and then routed to those who can address the query quickly, professionally and efficiently.
  • Reduced Costs - You no longer have to pay for specialized and expensive IT resources needed to implement, train and manage a full blown CRM.
  • Fits your budget - There are no costly setups or maintenance costs, no expensive hardware or software to install. You can easily afford one for your business, right away.

How much does it cost? How can I get one for my business?

  • MCube cloud telephony based Lead Management Solution is available to customers for as little as 3000/- per month. Rates will vary based on type of number, number of lines, call minutes and duration of service. Service taxes extra.
  • You could have the service up and running in a day’s time.
  • All you have to do is:
    • Step 1 - Register yourself to buy MCube
    • Step 2 - Choose a number from our list of available numbers or select a vanity number of your choice
    • Step 3 - Finalize period of engagement
    • Step 4 - Enable online payment from options or you could signup for a direct interaction with a MCube reseller partner near you
    • Step 5 - Once the payment is realized in our system, you will receive secure access to our MCube system
    • Step 6 - Upon login, you can follow the menu and setup MCube LEAD including
      • Greeting message
      • Call Routing protocol
      • Call Track and Report Access
    • Step 7 - Go Live!

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