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Compare MCube to your existing phone system
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Traditional Phone System

MCube Cloud Based Telephony


Requires an EPABX installation

MCube does not require any onsite device installation

Cabling & Civil work

Requires extensive cabling and investment in telephone systems

MCube does not require any cabling or civil work as all calls are routed to mobile phones of designated targets

# of Extensions

Typically available in blocks of 20 extensions

MCube offers unlimited # of extensions


Estimated 25, 000 - 30, 000/- per month cost for infrastructure and usage.

MCube delivers around 70% savings in monthly costs compared to existing traditional phone system costs


EPABX, Extensions and cabling prone to damage and require regular maintenance

With no onsite devices, MCube does not require any maintenance as all calls land on the target mobile phone

Call Tracking

Do not offer any details of incoming calls for management use

MCube offers a full report and archive of call recordings as required by the management

Missed Call Notifications

Do not offer any information on calls missed

MCube automatically sends out an SMS to target mobile for missed calls and also retains a record for future reference and follow up

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