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Automated Campaign Response Management Solution

Solution Need and Benefits

Advertising campaigns are becoming increasingly expensive and brand managers are asked to monitor campaign performance continually to derive highest value for money spent. In a multi-platform, multi-location campaign it is virtually impossible for brand managers to understand in real time:

  • Which campaign message or outlet is performing the best?
  • What is the volume of inquires generated and which time of the day?
  • Who handled the incoming inquiries and what transpired during this conversation?

Till now real time campaign ROI measurement was partially possible only in an online campaign. By tracking all incoming calls generated by the campaign, MCube cloud telephony based Campaign Response Management Solution provides a simple and yet highly effective real time solution to businesses.

MCube cloud telephony based Campaign Response Management Solution Features

  • Customers can choose from a set of 10 digit mobile or toll-free numbers for use during the campaign
  • Those responding to the number displayed in the campaign advertisement are greeted professionally 24x7.
  • Not a single call is missed. The system automatically routes all incoming calls to available pre-designated employees, agents or partners on their mobile or land lines. When lines are busy callers are automatically re-routed to other available numbers.
  • All caller details are captured in real time 24x7.
  • Intelligent by nature, the solution recognizes repeat callers and routes the call to the same representative who had attended the caller earlier on, creating a positive customer experience for the brand
  • System provides complex, real time campaign performance data enabling managers to monitor which advertising outlets are generating maximum enquiries, from which region and when

Who should buy it?

Designed to serve the requirements of those who deploy multi-platform, multi-location advertising campaigns, MCube cloud telephony based Campaign Response Management Solution is already deployed across Retail, IT, Real Estate, FMCG sectors. To download customer case studies Click here

Availability and Pricing

  • Companies can implement MCube cloud telephony based Campaign Response Management Solution, either
    • For the period of the marketing campaign Or
    • on an annual subscription basis.
  • Requiring no onsite hardware or software deployment, MCube can be deployed by customers on-demand and within 24-48 hours
  • Available in a variety of pricing options, customers can ask for a customized quote by clicking here

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