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You Achieve Spectacular Results Only By Questioning Status Quo

If you could do anything, what would you do? If you could create something, what would you create? If you could do business on the move, how would it impact customer service? Questioning status quo has helped find solutions to life’s big issues and improve our overall quality of life.


Poor Customer Call Handling Directly Impacts Your Business

Did You Know

  • - Customers demand personal and engaging experiences everytime they call
  • - Most think calling is most effective for a quick response
  • - Majority refer to conduct business by phone

Positive Experience

  • - 70% would recommend company to others
  • - 50% would use the business more frequently

Negative Experience

  • - Will take action, including switching provider, if service is inadequate
  • - Research suggests that 25-34 year olds share poor customer experiences online by posting a bad review online or by engaging in negative publicity on social media
  • - Irritated if they dont speak to a real person immediately



Look around your office and think about what has remained constant over the last two decades. Almost nothing -- except the age old EPABX!


Putting Voice Back On The Map

Before PCs proliferated, businesses were driven primarily by voice. As networking became more and more important, data took the driver's seat. But today, driven by cloud telephony, a mobile workforce and automation, the traditional analog EPABX is slowly giving way to its modern counterpart.


My “Billion Dollar” Idea.

When I returned to India, after a 15 year stint abroad with some leading MNCs, I was pleasantly surprised with the all round development I witnessed everywhere I went. There was a hustle and bustle to everything. Whomsoever I met, talked about how Bangalore would now emerge as epicenter for “product innovations” and how the next big billion dollar idea would germinate right here in Bangalore.


Do You Have Control Over Your Incoming Business Calls?

Everyone agrees that for businesses customers are its lifeline. And every customer call is important as it has the potential to bring in even more business. Yet, little attention is paid to maintaining a high quality incoming call management system resulting in considerable damage to brand reputation and incalculable business opportunity losses.


Virtual Receptionist – A Paradigm Shift.

The latest advancement in cloud computing has led to cloud telephony promising a new dimension to businesses in India. This is the most happening trend in the country that provides innovative telephony solutions to businesses that are not interested in investing in standalone services.


Time for regulation to be in sync with innovation

Fact is that regulation is always catching up with innovation, usually we see regulation not hindering innovation and would later catchup to accommodate innovation by providing framework for the future.


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