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Virtual Receptionist – A Paradigm Shift.

The latest advancement in cloud computing has led to cloud telephony promising a new dimension to businesses in India. This is the most happening trend in the country that provides innovative telephony solutions to businesses that are not interested in investing in standalone services.

Businesses benefit by using cloud telephony solutions by giving immediate boost to their image as a professionally managed organization. Just start using cloud telephony solution, configure your employees and you are ready to take off. There is no need to worry about the technological niches, maintenance or upfront investment. Any application can be added to make or receive calls, conference calls, conversation recording, tracking, IVR and more. With this there is solution for every communication issue that a business comes up with making it the most affordable and comprehensive communication tool.

Cloud telephony solutions give you complete flexibility and mobility allowing you to work from anywhere irrespective of your location or device. Compared to traditional phone system this is the most reasonable and versatile communication tool. Some of the features offered by cloud telephony include call tracking, work from anywhere, store locator, Hosted Interactive Voice Response, voice broadcast, notification system, mobile applications along with voice integration. It is a boon to small and medium businesses in India that do not have the resource to setup an exclusive call facility. Organizations can benefit from cloud telephony in a number of ways and the primary among them includes tracking orders with the help of IVR using just a phone number. Keeping track of the calls that you received from customers is easy with this facility.

Using the internet you can configure the system, view logs, manage inbound call leads from any corner of the globe at any point of time. Now there is no need to depend on manpower as all your communication needs are automated. For instance, audio storage, voice mail, configuration of your system, etc. Moreover the services are versatile as it can be scaled up and down depending on peak and non-peak hours.

Based on the requirement a model is chosen and price is determined on the usage or the model. Businesses need not worry about upgrading their resources based on the business activity. The package can be customized as per the users needs. The resources used can be controlled and also monitored for transparency.

Analysis of call data and streamlining of customer information is possible. As far as cloud telephony in India is concerned the future is promising. In a few years from now the use of physical telecom infrastructure will become redundant in Indian offices, as businesses will be making a paradigm shift to cloud telephony. The migration to the cloud can make Indian businesses far more efficient and modern with less investment.

Sundeep Misra
Co-founder & Chairman – VMC Technologies

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