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You Achieve Spectacular Results Only By Questioning Status Quo

If you could do anything, what would you do? If you could create something, what would you create? If you could do business on the move, how would it impact customer service? Questioning status quo has helped find solutions to life’s big issues and improve our overall quality of life.

What is common between the following people:

  • Steve Jobs - Apple
  • Bill Gates - Microsoft
  • Ratan Tata - Tata Group
  • Sam Pitroda - Telecom
  • Narayan Murthy - Infosys
  • Mark Zukerberg - Facebook
  • Sachin & Binny Bansal - Flipkart

Each questioned the status quo in their workplace and ushered in a new way of doing things from ground up.

Sam Pitroda for instance, having experienced firsthand the benefits of a telecom supported lifestyle in the US, returned to his native land to usher in a telecom revolution that helped connect people to their loved ones, clients and business partners on demand and at affordable rates.

A decade later, at the dawn of the 21st century, a mobile, wireless and Internet enabled free culture began to take shape. Everything wired became wireless and fixed became mobile. And the Internet, accessed via high speed broadband data connections, ensured easy and free access to latest information on demand. The power was clearly and firmly in the hand of the individual.

Indian citizens, over 1.4Billion in all, suddenly felt connected, empowered and in command. How? Well someone dared to question the status quo, that’s why.

Is this a one time phenomena? Not really. Another revolution is presently underway.

It is commonly agreed that a business enterprise conducts over 60% of its business transactions over its employee’s mobile phone. Yet companies pay scant attention to protecting their business interests conducted over such voice networks. Why? Mostly because they don’t know that affordable technologies exist to provide simple solutions to their dynamic requirements.

Good news is that some new age entrepreneurs are once again questioning the status quo and developing affordable technologies that allow businesses to integrate their employee mobile phones with business/brand incoming call numbers and track every incoming call to provide easy real time call analytics. This technology is called Cloud Telephony and only a handful of world class players offer such services in India today, MCube being one of them.

Early adopters of this technology are already reaping benefits and are learning new ways to improve business productivity and stay connected to their clients. Some businesses are using the technology to implement help lines, to improve campaign or support response management by connecting all sales or support employees to the incoming number. Some businesses have gone a step further by adopting telephony integrated to business productivity applications like lead management, support management and other such business automation applications.

Playing it safe never worked well for successful businesses. Did it?

To stay ahead, every business leader has to question the status quo and lead the way in adopting newer thoughts or concepts.

Maybe it’s time you took a hard look at adopting cloud telephony to ensure your business never misses an incoming call or to track and analyze every business transaction conducted over your employee’s mobile phone.

Sundeep Misra
Co-founder & Chairman – VMC Technologies

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