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Time for regulation to be in sync with innovation

Fact is that regulation is always catching up with innovation, usually we see regulation not hindering innovation and would later catchup to accommodate innovation by providing framework for the future.

Indian telephony is at the same cross roads. Regulation around telephony domain in India is way behind the world. Around the world cloud telephony has been disrupting how business is conducted for 15 plus years. Handful of startups have tried to do the same by providing affordable telephony solutions to MSME segment in India. These businesses have immesely benefited from cloud telephony solutions, such solutions were not available earlier as a result the MSME segment was highly inefficient in India.

Given that cloud telephony has been following available regulation to the extent it is understood by everyone, it is now time for regulators in India to provide a framework for cloud telephony business in India. The framework should be in line with conditions today, should not hinder Indian cloud telephony companies from competing with international players and should not increase costs such that MSME segment once again suffers.

Such a framework will continue to encourage innovation by products like MCube.

We cannot afford another incident that happened with Knowlarity few days back. Details for the same are available at "Saving Private Cloud Telephony"

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