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Do you have control over your incoming business calls?

Everyone agrees that for businesses customers are its lifeline. And every customer call is important as it has the potential to bring in even more business. Yet, little attention is paid to maintaining a high quality incoming call management system resulting in considerable damage to brand reputation and incalculable business opportunity losses.

Let’s understand why this happens.

In the initial days, at every business house, every call is picked up with eagerness and every inquiry, big or small, is attended to with zest. Naturally the business grows rapidly. In time, however, as lot more employees join the organization the quality of incoming call handling becomes inconsistent and suffers. Worse, the management has no control or information about calls received, how they were handled, what was spoken during the call etc. especially given the fact that many of these calls land directly at the employee’s private mobile number.

Let’s examine what happens when a business unleashes a new advertising campaign, across print, online, TV or outdoor media. Usually the office landline number, a toll free number or few mobile numbers are highlighted in the advertisement for customers to respond to. If successful, the campaign attracts lot of customer calls. Inspite of best efforts, the company may miss many potential customers as advertised numbers were busy or not attended to. Although happy at the volume of incoming inquiries the management may not know which part of its media spend was effective and which was not, and have no record of what was discussed during each call and by which executive, for further processing.

What is the solution, you may ask?

For one, you could engage a call centre to greet, interact and record all your incoming calls for an advertising campaign. But then, if you are small business, this is an expensive affair. Or you could try to deploy more telephone lines and people so that no inquiry is missed. But this too is expensive and prone to vagaries of human limitations. Or you could opt for a cloud based automated telephone system to greet, route and track every single advertising inquiry.

Cloud based telephone systems typically offer the same functionality as your office PBX system, except without the limitations associated with office receptionist managed manual system. Incoming calls are greeted by an automated IVRS irrespective of time of call, quickly routed to designated numbers irrespective of their location and all calls are recorded for future business processing. Usually simple to setup, these systems are available on demand as a pay-as-you-use service, require no onsite hardware or cabling typically associated with PBX systems, can be up and running in a few hours, and offer complete control to business owners on all their incoming calls irrespective of whether they are handled by employees within or outside the office. What’s more, the more innovative cloud telephony systems package a lot more services beyond incoming call management, so essential for modern day technology enabled businesses.

Go on its time you exercise greater control over all your incoming calls.

Sundeep Misra
Co-founder & Chairman – VMC Technologies

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