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Get an Automated Inquiry Management Solution for your Business

Everyone agrees that customers are the lifeline of any business and all inquiries from customers must be handled efficiently by well informed executives to convert opportunity into business. And yet most business enterprises continue to depend on manual systems while managing incoming inquires.

MCube Automated Inquiry Management System (, enables businesses to automatically greet, route and track all incoming inquiries 24x7 at just 2000/- a month and does away with all limitations associated with a manual inquiry management system.

Perfect for any business with huge amount of inquiry calls
Requiring no hardware or software installation at the customer site, MCube Automated Inquiry Management System is perfect for a business of any size or type, enabling two way communication between the organization and its customers and helping the employees remain connected at all times, irrespective of their location. The solution provides a single point of contact for all customer inquiries and routes them to respective branches and departments for quick conversion.

With MCube Automated Inquiry Management System all incoming inquiries are routed to the designated executives automatically, wherever they may be, on their mobile phones. When one executive is busy, callers are automatically re-routed to other available executives. The system also maintains an automatic log of all incoming inquiries and voice recordings of all conversations executives have with customers.

Who should ideally deploy MCube

Designed to serve the requirements of any service intensive business, MCube Inquiry Management Solution can be deployed by businesses who

  • Receive lot of inquiry calls, everyday of the week and even beyond office hours
  • Employ a mobile workforce that needs to stay connected with the office at all times
  • Where customers require extensive pre or post sale counseling or support by qualified employees
  • Where the customer regularly place repeat orders on phone
Cost and Availability
  • Companies can implement MCube Inquiry Management Solution on a pay as you use basis and billing options are available for annual, half yearly and quarterly packages
  • Requiring no onsite hardware or software deployment, MCube can be deployed by customers on-demand and within 24 hours
  • To buy, customers can request for a customized quote by visiting
When you buy MCube Inquiry Management System, you get
  • A 10 digit mobile or toll free number that can be advertised on all sales and business communications
  • An pre-recorded IVRS that greets every caller tirelessly, 24x7
  • A recording facility that captures all voice call details and allows business owners to review, in real time, what transpired during a call
  • Web access to incoming call logs 24x7 and in real time

MCube is already hugely popular
MCube is already deployed across many market verticals including Educational Institution, Online Matrimony, Retail, IT, Real Estate, FMCG sectors. To download customer case studies by Clicking here

“By automating the inquiry management infrastructure, business owners can focus on other business development and management activities knowing that no inquiry will ever be missed”, said Sundeep Misra, CEO, VMC Technologies,” In addition, it also improves the ability of business owners to measure employee productivity, re-location of office premises at will and cost control on telephony related resources,” he added.

About VMC Technologies
VMC Technologies is an emerging technology solution provider for service intensive businesses, provides MCube a full featured Cloud Telephony solution that is available to customer on demand as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. With over 1000 customer installations, VMC MCube cloud telephony solution is widely deployed for helpline, campaign ROI and lead management applications by sales, support, online, social and public organizations. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company employs over 50 direct sales and software development professionals and has offices in Noida and presence in Lucknow, Mumabi, Chennai and Pune. For more information visit

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