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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MCube X?

MCube is a complete business phone system offering business-class phone features enabling you to connect all your employees onto one phone system converging all land lines within your office with mobile phones your employees may have.

2.What are the benefits of using MCube?

MCube X Complete offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need of expensive office based PBX equipment, ending any variable maintenance cost and hassle for your business.
  • Integrates all employees mobile and landline numbers into one professional system. Employees are no more tied to their seats to receive calls.
  • Completely flexible system
    • Custom greetings
    • Custom music on hold
    • Follow me numbers
    • Change any field name for online reports
    • Integrate to MCube Track groups
    • Integrate with simple MCube IVRS
    • Customized business days and hours
  • Easy system management from any web browser
  • Employees work from anywhere
  • Great for virtual offices, saving on rent, utilities and other expenses
  • Receive and send fax without fax machine

3. What do I need to make the MCube X work?

Get an account with us, setup your phone or get a virtual phone from us, set up your employee extensions or take help of our support team to setup. After this all you need is a broadband Internet connection to check reports, get or send faxes, any administration etc. Internet is needed to admin and reports only. All employees need not have internet access, however everyone is required to have a valid internet account for us to validate the extension.

4. Do I need to download additional software or by any equipment or hire any trained professional to use and manage MCube X?

No, All you need is existing phone numbers, an internet account to check any reports and motivation to do your business – We do the rest.

5. Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes, existing phone numbers can be integrated with our PBX. Please contact us for details.

6. Can I use mobile phones with MCube X?

Yes, mobile phones integrate seamlessly into the MCube Completely. This is one great thing about this system. It converges mobile phones and landline phones into one system seamlessly.

7. What are the bandwidth requirements needed to support MCube X?

MCube is a hosted telephony solution, however is not a VOIP solution, as a result the bandwidth requirements are minimal. This system works on the telephony lines. Internet bandwidth is needed only when you want to check reports, hear recorded conversations, do some administration. Other than this there is no internet requirement.

8. How can I send and receive faxes?

The fax functionality is under development. However when done you will be able to send and receive faxes online in electronic form to any fax number.

9. What happens if my broadband stops working? Will I need be able to receive any calls?

Nothing will be affected, you will continue to receive calls on your phones. MCube X is not a VOIP solution, works on regular telephony lines. You can check reports or do admin tasks when internet comes back up.

10. What happens if MCube Web Server is down, will I stop receiving calls?

Nothing will be affected, you will continue to receive calls on your phones. Only your web experience will be affected. Once the web server is up you can continue your web activities. We also have redundant web servers so the chances are minimum for both servers to go down.

11. How do I get started?

To sign up for the revolutionary hosted business phone system contact our sales team at 18004192202 or send email to

12. How to add a new employee?

A new employee can be added by a user with 'Employee Module' access.

  • To add a new employee , click on the employee tab and from the dropdown select 'New Employee'.
  • You will have to type in the name, mobile number and email id for the new employee. The email id needs to be unique as this will be used by the employee to login.
  • Every employee needs to have a role which will define the amount of access that person has on the system.
  • There is also a checkbox for 'login access' . This needs to be checked if you want this employee to be able to login to the system.
  • Addionally, extension number can be added for the employee. When you are done click on submit.
  • Once a new employee details are entered into the system, an email will be sent to that employee( the email address you had entered while adding a new employee). This is a confirmation mail. The employee needs to access this email and click on the 'confirm' button. Once this confirmation mail is received by the system, it will send another email with the 'system generated' password for new employee to login into MCube.

13. How to change the password?

First time passwords are sent to new employee after they accept the confirmation mail. This is a system generated password and needs to be changed upon first login. To change the password, place the mouse on the username ( at the top right hand coner of the page.) you'll see a dropdown with 'Change password' as the first option. Click on it and Type in the current password and the new password. Click on submit.

14. What is OTP?

OTP stands for 'One Time Password' . This is an extra level of security provided to you. Everytime you login, the OTP for that session will be sent to you on email and also on sms. You will need to put in that password to access the system. If you would like to disable this layer of security you can do so. Under the Admin menu , select the 'Edit Profile' dropdown. Uncheck the OTP checkbox .

15. What are Unconfirmed employees?

Unconfirmed employees are new employees that have been sent the confirmation mail by the system but they have either not responded as yet or they have not accepted the confirmation i.e. they have clicked on 'cancel' instead of 'confirm' in the confirmation mail. If this has been done by mistake, you have have to contact MCube Support to re-send the mail.

16. Why am I am not able to login?

There are two main reasons for this:

  • Your Admin might have disabled your login
  • You may have forgotten your password. The password sent to you on the email should be changed on first login. Once you change your password, no mail is sent so you MUST remember the new password. If you have forgotten, use the 'forget password' link on the home page. The system will reset your password and sent it to your email and also in a sms. Please use this to login, change password after login to something you will remember easily!!

17. Who is a group Owner?

A group owner is a person who is responsible for a group. He might not be listed as an employee to take calls for that group but he will be able to see all the calls to that group. A group can be configured such that if none of the members attend a call, it finally gets diverted to the group owner.

18. Can I have a configuration where the group owner doesn't receive any calls?

Yes, this kind of configuration is possible. While configuring the group, there is a checkbox, 'Connect group Owner' , if this is checked, the calls will go to the group owner in case none of the employees pick up the call. For, the above mentioned configuration, this box can be unchecked. This setting can be changed anytime by using the edit option for the group.

19. Why is an employee not getting any calls?

There can be several reasons for this:

  • If its a new employee, this employee needs to be confirmed before the calls get routed to him/her.
  • Employee may not be added as part of the group for which you are expecting the call on.
  • Employee working hours might not fall in the time when you are expecting a call.
  • There may be lot of employees before you in case of seqencial sequencing or you may have a low weight in the weighted sequencing.
  • Employee maybe disabled in the group employee list.

20. Why is one person getting all the calls?

You can check all the configurations of the previous question. If everything is fine, it may be that you are getting calls from numbers which have already called before( like returning customers.) If this is the case and you have enabled 'Repeated call to same employee' in the group configuration, the calls will always to first to the employee which took the first call.

21. Why am I not getting any sms?

You may not get SMS under following circumstances:

  • The group may not be configured to send SMS to employees/executives. Please contact the group owner to review the settings for the group.
  • If the number of characters of SMS is more than 140 then the operator may drop the SMS and not delivered to your mobile.
  • Sometimes short lived problem can occur at the SMS operator end and the SMS may not be delivered until the operator resolves the technical problems at its end.
  • Lastly sometimes, due to network traffic, you might get the SMS a little later but surely within 1-2 min of the call getting over.

22. Do I get any reports in the mail?

Only a basic daily report is sent over the email at the end of the day ( about 10:00 11:00 p.m.). All other reports have to be accessed online on the system.

23. How can I upload a set of existing contacts into the system?

You can upload a list of existing contacts into the system if these are available in a csv format.( A comma seperated file) Select contacts from the 'MCubeTrack' menu and then select 'Add contact'. Click on choose a file option and follow the system instructions. Also, contact can be added one by one if you don't have the .csv file available.

24. Which format of audio files are supported?

The format supported are asterisk server compatible .wav and .MP3 formats. You can contact us if you want us to record the message for you.

25. What are qualified calls?

Qualified calls are the calls in the system which have been acted on and further information about the purpose of the call have been entered into the system.

26. Why I can't see the Admin menu?

Admin menu will be visible only to the 'Administrator' roles. Note: Only the first business user is able to see the "Admin" Menu from his login, not all "administrator" role employees.

27. How can I add custom fields to the system?

Custom fields can be added to the system by the 'Administrtor'. Adding custon fields is very easy. It is a two step process.

Step1: Define the custom field

  • From the admin menu select 'Manage system Labels' .
  • Select the 'Module name' for which you want to add the custon field.
  • Next click on 'Add Custom Field' button at top left corner,just below the module name. You can define different types of fields like text, checkbox, radio button etc.
  • Click on 'Add custom field'.

Step2: Give permissions to roles which can see this field.

  • From admin menu, click on 'List roles'. Select the role for which you want this new field to be visible.
  • click on edit for that role . You will see the new field under the module you selected.
  • Click on the check box aganist the field for it to be visible for that role.
  • If there are more than one role for which this field needs to be visible, simply repeat step 2 with the other role.

28. Can I download reports in pdf format?

Reports can be downloaded in a pdf format if the download option is enabled by the Admin. Goto Admin menu, select 'List roles' , edit the particular role you want the download option. Next, select the report( will appear in the module selection) and check on the download checkbox at the right hand side of the module name.

29. How to add list of all holidays in a year?

  • Add the holidays one by one. In "Admin" tab in Menu, click on holiday->add Holiday.
  • A Holiday list can be uploaded into the system if the holiday list is avaiable in a csv( comma seperated file). The format of the file should be Id,Holiday,Date.Please click here for sample file.

30. How do I search for a particular data?

All the modules have a search button at the extreme right, below the top menu. you can search on any field of that module for the data you are looking for. The custom fields added by you are also searchable.

31. How to assign a employee to group?

There are two sceanarios,

Assigning an employee who is already present in the system.

  • In Admin panel under groups menu click on 'list groups'. Click on action icon "Add Employee" for the group you want to add employee for. You can select the employee from the dropdown which you want to assign to this group and fill in other information like business hours, fail over etc.

Assign a new employee who is not defined in the system

  • If the employee you want to add doesn't exist in the system as yet, you can use the "+" sign and add the new employee directly from the groups menu.

32. How to add bulk leads in leads section?

You can upload only ".csv" format file for bulk leads. click on 'List leads' under the "Leads" menu . The import option will at the right top corner as a up arrow. Leads->list leads->Import(right top corner Up arrow) The file format should be ."csv" and the columns should be,Name, number, email ... Please click here for sample file.

33. How to do bulk operations in leads like Bulk assign, bulk delete, bulk email?

The bulk operations possible for leads are bulk delete, bulk assign and bulk email. All these options are present as icons on top right coner of the screen when 'list leads' option is selected from the leads menu. To select the records for any of the above bulk operations, click the "check" checkbox for those records.

34. How to add a followup for lead or call?

In order to manage your leads and incoming calls, you can add followups( date nad time when you need to call again) in the system aganist that lead or call.

Incoming call followup:

  • Goto Report->All calls , there will a 'Followups' action icon in the 'Action' column.
  • Click on it and input the date-time of the followup.

Leads follow up:

  • Goto Leads->list leads, right side,there will a 'Followups' action icon in the 'Action' column.
  • Click on it and input the date-time of the followup.
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